Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Marghazar Zoo

See below photos of our visit to Marghazar Zoo. I don't like seeing animals in cages, not really. Zoos are kind of depressing. Also, zoos in poorer countries are not very well maintained. 

Sure, some of them make great contributions towards the preservation of some animals which are going extinct. Modern zoos go to great length to replicate the same environment, too, of animals. At the rate at which animals are being poached and their habitats destroyed, I guess zoos will be the only places where we will even see some animals. 

If you want to read up on the zoo, see the Wikipedia article here. According to the article, there are zebras in the zoo. I wonder if we missed them.

The entrance
Posing, posing, posing
A grey wolf - looked a little bony to me
An elephant from Sri Lanka and one of the zoo's oldest keepers. I had a chat with him and, he was very conversant, answering all my questions.  I believe the zoo keeper told me that the elephant was 15 years old. he also said that they had requested for a partner elephant but the zoo's standards needed to be improved before it's request would be granted.

A brown bear. It reminded me a bit about that scene from The Legend of Ron Burgandy. 
White Cockatoo
Love birds

Group photo!
I love this photo mainly because of the granddad with his pagree who is
 visiting the zoo with his family, probably his daughters and granddaughters.  

Ami takes a break and, gets some rest on a bench and Kavita excitedly runs up to her. 
Kavita and I posing for a picture
The aviary was probably the best of the zoo. There were all kinds of birds of the same feather flocking together: golden pheasants, pea cocks, flamingos, ducks, swans, you name it. 
This is one of my FAVOURITE pictures of Kavita during this trip to Pakistan. She looks so friggin' cute, if I may say so!
There is Kavita smiling so cutely! She is my little 'rasgulee'. 
Wise owls

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