Monday, 12 March 2018

Evening walk

We decided to do the walk around Capitol Bye Pass. It took us about an hour and a half. Kavita has excellent stamina now and, kept up with us throughout the whole walk. She fell down at one point and scraped her elbow and knee, though, so you'll see some anxious faces in the pictures below. 

We also stopped to see a compound for rent on the Bye Pass but the rent was much higher than Randall Street. We thought maybe we can shift our office and house together in one compound. We'll have to keep looking. 

We stopped to buy some apples for 60 LD each. Wonder if these apples are good. They never seem to go bad. 

"Kavita dekh ke chalo. This is a new path for us so look where you go," I told Kavita but towards the end she fell down again. 

I think I got some good shots of the walk. Stopping to take a shot, especially when one is in a quiet part of the street, gives one a secondary moment of quiet solitude. It's amazing how you'll find such a quiet spot in town while there are parts of it, hardly so far away, that are so crowded and lively.