Sunday, 10 June 2012

Why was Facebook REALLY invented?

I've finally discovered why Facebook was actually invented: babies and children. Let me explain. It seems  like 99% of my Newsfeed is announcements of pregnancies, pictures of sonograms of fetuses, new born babies and toddlers. These family moments of people reproducing are plastered all over Facebook. Every second posting is about someone 'goo gaa'-ing their children and then all their friends 'liking' it. And between you and me, half these babies and kids aren't even really cute. Yes, all children are beautiful but some are really only beautiful to their own parents.

This is another reason I am really tired of Facebook. I have decided I will only 'like' and 'share' items of political, cultural and social importance. Everything else I refuse! No more 'random' likes!

If I ever post pictures of any kids I may ever have, please shoot me.

Let Facebook be a meaningful form to share ideas!