Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Evening walk

Kavita and I went for an impromptu evening walk to buy some veggies to cook for dinner. We went up Randall Street, took a left to go up Benson Street to all the vegetable and fruit sellers, nestled one after another opposite and adjacent to the supermarkets on this side of town: Down Town, Saksouk,  and Monoprix. After that, we turned left again, and walked up Newport Street, past the mosque and past the gas station. We took another left on UN Drive and finally arrived on Randall Street. 

Guess what we're having for dinner? Bhindi and aloo sabzi. Dinner cost $ 5.00 tonight. 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

A lovely evening walk downtown Monrovia and Mamba Point

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Settlers of Catan on Flag Day

Flag Day befell us this year by appearing on Wednesday. We decided to spend the public holiday with a game of Settlers of Catan. Despite loving the game, we have not been able to play the game for a long time. Recently, we trained our newest friends in the game and, had a round of the game at Lila Brown. 

Our social circle in Liberia is always changing. Half of our friends have belonged to the do-gooder industry of UN agencies, USAID private contractors, and NGOs. Their contracts are short term and as such, we are always saying hello and goodbye to people. 

Today, I invited a friend who I first befriended through a UNDP colleague back in 2006-2007, who is married to a Liberian fellow who she met during the same time. I saw her last again in 2010 when she had come back for a short stint. My friend is from the US and visiting from across the pond. Now, I am seeing her again after so many years, with her kids in Monrovia. Kavita had the chance to play with her kids and, it was great. 

One minute you're having girls nights at friends' houses in Sinkor and, the next minute your kids are playing with friends' kids in the same city. 

Lila Brown's new space in Sinkor is really lovely: it's entirely wooden with a luscious garden and a greenhouse. Today was a rainy day and, the flowers and fruit were moist with dew and rain drops. 

Before starting the game, we wandered in the garden, admiring a fruit growing on vines. We couldn't guess what it it was. Haresh guessed avocado. The owner Tarek told us it was passion fruit! 

The children enjoyed running around after the little kittens while we made cities, fought off barbarian ships, and traded precious minerals. 

The game was exciting and, our latest adversaries are pretty good. Neither Haresh nor I won the game. We teach it so well that our own students beat us. 

The victor is declared. Victory is conceded. Defeat is accepted. Tomorrow is another day.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


It's high time I cooked some potato greens given that my blog name is potato greens.

So, lately, I have been cooking murghi saag with potato greens instead of frozen spinach that one usually finds in supermarkets. Potato greens are very tasty and sweet and, make for a great twist for a desi dish.

Bhindi aur aloo sabzi

I made bhindi and aloo sabzi this evening for dinner. This is becoming one of go to dinner receipes. For days, I don't feel like eat meat, this combination of okra and potatoes is easy to make and, quite delicious too. 

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Reading time

Kavita and I got comfortable on the cushions and pillows and, read the books we got yesterday. I must say I enjoyed reading these books as much as Kavita. What a wonderful world it is to be in a child's world. 

Saturday, 13 August 2016

My 37th Birthday Party

I celebrated my 37th birthday party at Mama Susu's by inviting friends. I was lucky enough to have my friend's Rebecca's kids (Edwina, Godwina and Christopher) attend the party as well as my sister friend's cousin Mardia attend the party. I was also lucky enough to have some other close friends around me to wish me well, share a great meal and toast me. Haresh decorated the restaurant with balloons and also got everyone party hats which honestly were a cute touch. 

Haresh gave me a loving and sweet toast, urged strongly by Mama Susu. And, so did my dear friend Zyck. 

We have celebrated so many wonderful moments at Mama Susu's and it was wonderful to celebrate my 37th party here, too.