Thursday, 31 March 2016

Baharon phool barsao

 These are photographs of flowers I photographed during my recent visit to Pakistan.


Monday, 28 March 2016

Good evening

Today's excercise on the hill was quite enjoyable and, Kavita was in full form. See some photographs of the Masonic Lodge, a building I have photographed dozens and dozens of times. It's a beautiful building despite needing a loving coat of paint. It stands proud on top of Benson Street hill, opposite the powerful American Embassy. Members of the Freemasons frequent this building on evenings for meetings and, prestigious cars are often lined up outside. One can see the members streaming in and out. I've also heard singing and live piano at times. 

This spot continues to be one of my favourite spots of Monrovia where so many residents come to exercise every evening and morning, rain or shine. Coming up here has become a ritual in my day to day life. Even after a stressful and distressful day, I can come up here to think, run, stretch and enjoy the eagle eye view of the city. 

From afar, cities look so ordered and fascinating, symbols of human activity and innovation. 

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Happy Holi From Liberia

Good morning

Ever since I've been back, the LEC has been going out all the time and in fact, now, it is completely off. We are constantly on generator. We had to switch the generator off, of course, because it had been running all night. We lit some candles in the living room. Afterwards, we went up to the rooftop to have a cup of tea. It was an over cast day, Harmattan-like, and then it even rained.