Tuesday, 30 April 2013

On Top of Benson Hill

One of my favourite bits of Monrovia is on top of Benson Hill. I love admiring the young boys and girls who train on this hill. I love the view of the city - from afar every city looks promising. Isn't there a Faiz Ahmad Faiz poem like that

This particular point has two important buildings on either side: The Masonic Lodge and the new US Embassy. There are always cars parked outside the Masonic Lodge and, I often try to imagine the proceedings within. As for the US Embassy, its gleaming marble-inlaid high fenced walls, its manicured lawns, and its impressive facade stands out.

So, here is a photo from this evening during my exercise regime. I go for a brisk walk and some hectic 'Physical's' with my trainer. Actually he is Haresh's trainer who has sworn to finally get a six-pack this year. So, he is out there 4 times a week, jogging, running, and doing 200 crunches. I just want to get rid of the baby fat or what I like to call deflated-baloon syndrome. 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Roast of Haresh K.

The world's a roasting stage

19 April 2013, Mama Susu's

MESSAGE 1                                                               

"Dearest friends,
Please join me for a surprise get together for my dear Haresh on Friday, 19 April at Mama Susu's at 7:30 PM.Haresh was so sweet enough to organise a farewell party for me before I left for Chicago for my maternity leave and, I want to let him know I love him for all that's he's done for me since the baby arrived. He's been a wonderful and patient partner. Please help little Kavita and I to show him our love and appreciation by being there! "



"Dear friends,
So, Haresh being the nosy person he is went through my messages on my mobile phone and found out I'm organising a surprise for him. Anyone else in the world would have sweetly and obligingly played along but Haresh had to tell me he found out and had to rub it in.I'm changing the Surprise Party to Roast of Haresh Karamchandani. For some ideas see: http://www.comedycentral.com/shows/roast-of-donald-trump.For those of you who do not know him so well, just do a mild roast, like the new Blonde Roast at Starbucks. Haha!See you all tomorrow night. He doesn't know who all will be there so some of it might still be a pleasant surprise in terms of who will be there. I'm serious about the roast. Everyone will get a minute to roast him.See you!!!" 

Setting the stage for the roast!

"They've got nothing on me!"
"In fact, I will roast them!"
"OK, Pape, if that is what you think!"
"Kavita, here's a candy for you if don't laugh when they are roasting me."
"Remember the bbq when Haresh tried to put out the fire by adding gas to it?"
"Everyone listens attentively to
he master's of ceremony's introduction"
"So so many stories, where do I start?"
"Starting to feel the heat..."
"Getting really hot...."
"The world's a roast stage..." 
"Having babies and good supportive husbands sometimes lead to memorable roasts..."

"Where do I begin, where do I begin...?"

"Of course, Haresh had to do his wine bottle trick"

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Facebook Likes

Counting 'Likes' on your Facebook Page is like plucking petals from a flower one by one and saying, "He loves me, He loves me not."

So, please love us at New Africa Technology Company