Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Illustrated Truth

Have you noticed that Facebook is now all about The Illustrated Truth? Whether it's cheesy how-to-live-your-life wisdom or a rallying call against capitalism or even poking fun at Facebook itself, it's all about spreading the word, in an illustrated form. And then clicking 'Like' and 'Share.'

If there's anything in common to most of The Illustrated Truth, it's a good sense of humour. 

Here's some fine examples of Happy, Don't-Hate-Anyone Wisdom:

These are examples of rather Stick-it, Bitchy, Cheeky Wisdom and Humour:

These are what I like to call Political Pictograms that talk about power issues, class issues, struggles, history, world politics, and domestic politics:

There's divinity, too, on Facebook: 

There's loads of versions of the Keep Calm going round and round:

Let's not forget the 'Awwwwww' ones:

Here's some good humour:

There's the great people quotes:

And there's also the regular political cartoons which do not really fall under The Illustrated Truth, produced for the consumption of Facebook herds, but let's include them here anyway:

Some really random ones:

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Poking fun at Facebook itself: