Thursday, 30 September 2010

New Company Website


Technology Company

New Liberia Technology Company is soon going to be known as New Africa Technology Company. And it's getting a new website. Being designed by my bossy cousin. Boy, is he b-o-s-s-y.

So I have a few questions about the whole designing process:

1) How can I combine my love of movies with a website for an IT company? Suggestions welcome. Matrix-style images. Mobster-movie-style punch lines and motto. A cute Wall-E type character here and there.

2) Am I allowed to say - We use and promote Open Source and Microsoft stinks?

4) Or should I say - We use and promote Open Source because Microsoft stinks?

4) Does an IT-company website really have to have a freaking picture of a freaking computer on it? Is that what creativity is about? I mean really???

5) Why are professional photographers so freaking expensive??

6) Why do cousins have to be so bossy?

Corporate Strategy 101

Everyone knows that impressions are important. Everyone knows that expensive-looking leather chairs impress people. Everyone knows one should also have a certain funki-ness about your office.

So, I upgraded the furniture in my office with two new leather chairs and a very very stylish coffee table. I mean, I'm talking about class. I'm talking about my office looking classy. Corporate. Yes, sir. I guess any one visiting my office will be so bowled over, so amazed at my leather chairs, they'll just give me business.

Leather Chairs = More Business

I also recently received a shipment of goods for my wireless WAN project. It also had some stuff for my office including some funky signs which I specially got made in the US. Check it out!

Funky Signs = Funky Cool Business

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

When visitors come to visit

And yes, gives us a chance to dress up.

Eclectic office with intimidating mask in the corner

Cluttered but charming desk

My eclectic office

More clean table tops

Yes, the office looks a bit empty but that's because everyone was on site.

Clean table tops!

We get so excited when clients come to visit us. Gives us a chance to tidy up the office and dress up.