Thursday, 30 September 2010

New Company Website


Technology Company

New Liberia Technology Company is soon going to be known as New Africa Technology Company. And it's getting a new website. Being designed by my bossy cousin. Boy, is he b-o-s-s-y.

So I have a few questions about the whole designing process:

1) How can I combine my love of movies with a website for an IT company? Suggestions welcome. Matrix-style images. Mobster-movie-style punch lines and motto. A cute Wall-E type character here and there.

2) Am I allowed to say - We use and promote Open Source and Microsoft stinks?

4) Or should I say - We use and promote Open Source because Microsoft stinks?

4) Does an IT-company website really have to have a freaking picture of a freaking computer on it? Is that what creativity is about? I mean really???

5) Why are professional photographers so freaking expensive??

6) Why do cousins have to be so bossy?

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