Saturday, 2 October 2010

"Is Starbuck's in Monrovia? I'm surprised."

Liberia Expats Google Group is a notice board for people looking to buy things, sell things, find information and introduce themselves to the small community of Expats that lives and works in Liberia. I myself have used to share information about NLTC, scout for potential customers and even share restaurant reviews!
Below is an amusing exchange which started from an innocent query about recycling options in Liberia.
Check it out!

"Dear All,
I’m looking for information regarding recycling in Liberia. The goal is to recycle plastics, paper, batteries, cans, DVDs and CDs. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated."

"I think there's a recycle center across the street from the Starbuck's and next to the farmer's co-op."

"Plastic and glass bottles are reused in the markets or by the factories(beer/coke); scrap metal and aluminum cans are collected, compacted and shipped abroad for recycling; car batteries are recycled here; and a thin-film plastic recycling operation should be starting up this year. Small batteries, CDs and DVDs aren't being recycled yet. Unfortunately, almost all of this is done by a variety of different actors. If you'd like detailed info on any of the sub-sectors, let me know."

"Is Starbuck's in Monrovia? I'm surprised."

"Yes but those UHT lattes just aren't the same..."

"hahahaha! ROTFL!"

"My friend Christina Shank has a small company called "Resurrection Bags", which are like "Trashy Bags" if you've ever seen or heard of them from Ghana. She uses the mineral water bags and Fan Ice bags to make bags, purses, wallets, etc. Just an option in case you have trouble locating the Starbucks and the nearby recycling plant."

"...and if you have glass that you want to recycle, the ladies at Amazing Grace, Inc. (located in a shipping container on Robertsfield Hwy. near Kendeja junction) would be overjoyed to take any glass off of your hands so that they can continue to turn discarded glass into beautiful glass beads."

"Yes, and I believe those women sell the beads at the Starbucks. Anyone in the mood for a caramel macchiatta? :)"

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  1. I found a Starbucks in the Everest Region of Nepal, Khumbu, at 2860 metres of altitude! I was shocked...