Monday, 1 August 2016

Push push boys

I took these photographs of 'push push boys' hauling a cart of gallons of water this rainy morning. 

"The push push boys can be seen hauling water across the streets of Monrovia in make shift carts. The water is drawn from wells and, filled in jerry cans, which are packed into the carts, which are pushed on the sloping streets. One can see a couple of men steadily pushing the cart, the muscles on their arms and backs taut, glistening with sweat in the beating sun. Their effort and speed shows the backbreaking labour they are performing. We have sometimes had our water tank and buckets filled with this water when the water truck was not available or when our water harvesting system broke down. One jerry can goes for 25 LD. That's about 25 cents. There must be 20 cans in one of the carts. That means, the push push boys break their backs for one trip for hardly $ 5 or $ 6."

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