Monday, 8 August 2016

Cedar School

We went to check out the Cedar Lebanese School in Mamba Point. Although I am not really crazy about putting Kavita in the conformity rat race so early, it was still good to check out the school. In case I start a day job somewhere, at least we have this option. There are apparently some good schools in Sinkor, having a school nearby is easier given how bad the traffic can get moving between central Monrovia and Sinker and further areas like Congo Town. 

The school is closed for now but the security guard showed us around. It looked like a nice space. I could picture Kavita at recess, in assembly and, in class. 

Afterwards, I took some photographs of keke parked opposite Cape Hotel and the beach (where UN vehicles come for washing) which is just trashed. Check out the Thank You Papa God keke

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