Monday, 14 April 2014

Full moon

I took these photos of a full moon over F-10 Markaz while I was doing some evening shopping. I found a great new shop for shalwar kameezes. I can't believe that since the last two years I have visited there are so many new shops where one can buy nice kurtas and kameezes and, skip the whole darzi headache. 

Once upon a time I used to enjoy getting clothes stitched by a darzi but ours takes two months to stitch clothes. I loved the whole ritual. First you spent a good hour or so choosing and buying the cloth at a proper shop where the fellows use to unroll yards and yards of that beautiful lawn. Then, you'd go off to the lace and ribbon shop and, find the perfect match. Then you might get the chiffon dupatta dyed to match if need be. Finally, you'd find yourself at the tailor where you would proceed to deliberate the design. Perhaps he would have magazines you could leaf through. Perhaps you'd browse through the already-stitched kameezes hanging up in his shop and, seek inspiration from there. What were other people getting stitched? Were kameezes long or short this season? And, how was everyone getting their  shalwars done? Baggy? Or like tang pajamas? Or like straight pants?

I am sure it is still a pleasure to go to the darzi and, get clothes made just to fit you.

My mother's always been the one to go through all this headache to get my clothes made. Granted, I always have an argument with her over the style but it's still been a fun process.

I suppose because I have hardly spent any time in Pakistan recently that I lost patience. Maybe the darzi has more important customers.

Truthfully, our darzi had an accident and, his son is in charge. And, he has literally taken almost two months to stitch a few kameezes I asked him to stitch for me. I couldn't be bothered!

I would rather just buy a ready-made outfit, get something really funky and well made and, spend just about the same, if not less!

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