Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Glorious evening walk

See some pictures from my glorious evening walk. The gardens in our neighbourhood are manicured and full of blooming flowers. The Margalla hills provide a soothing back drop. Many folks are out and about, trying to get some invigorating exercise at the end of their days. Little girls and boys are out with their grand parents learning how to bicycle in the green belts. The gardeners and security guards are chatting. Cars are full of people coming back from work and children from school. The over-flowing wagons can also be spotted with hardworking folks trying to get home. Pajero's with super elitist memsahibs are flaunting their designer shades.  

One of the the houses in our neighbourhood is guarded by by heavily-armed men. (Or, is it heavily guarded by armed men?) There are at least 4 huge cars parked outside. So, today I noticed a weird, bushy animal loitering around this house. I got a bit nervous. I thought maybe these people had some kind of a dangerous pet. It was very dark, with long hairs and a big bushy tail. I decided to take the road instead of walking on the foot path close to this house. I mean, it's bad enough you have to pass by armed guards. As I was walking past, I looked out of the corner of my eye and realised it was a cat! It looked really snobby, as cats are. 

Kavita enjoyed the walk. And, I collected some wild flowers, too. 

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