Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Rohtas Fort

My day trip to Rohtas Fort was extremely memorable. I just wished I had set out earlier and, explored more it. I only got there at around 5 PM. 

My Mughal history is nonexistent. It was my brother who actually knew it inside out and, obsessed about it. He even had a calendar of the Forts of Pakistan in his room. 

I did do a bit of reading on Wikipedia the night before to at least get some sense of history and, also to see how long it would take to get there:

The dual-carriage Grand Trunk Road takes you past Gujar Khan and Sohawa, to the small town of Dina 130 km away. Just past Dina you will drive over a railway overpass, stay to the right of the road and take the first U-turn to drive back towards Dina. After about 100 meters to your left you will find a signpost, which indicates the way towards the road leading to Rohtas Fort which is 8 km away, past the small holy village of Muftian home to the Mufti Tribe. Drive on the road to enter into the fort and keep driving till you reach the parking area.

I hired a car with Crown Cabs and we got there in about two and a half hours. I kept telling the driver to put on his seatbelt and he kept trying to wriggle out of it until I gave him a lecture and he put on his belt. On the way back, he let it slip that he was actually the owner of the company and, since there weren't any drivers available, he decided to do this trip himself! He asked me how I liked the service since I have used Crown Cabs countless times and I told him so far so good.

The drive was good and it was good to get away from Islamabad. 

The guide was amazing. He had me enthralled with his very elaborate tour and his fantastic passion. 

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