Thursday, 12 December 2013

Plastic Christmas Trees on Randall Street

See a picture of plastic Christmas gleaming under the scorching sun on the corner of Randall Street and UN Drive. 

Somehow, after ten years of living in Liberia, I can't imagine Christmas without these these plastic trees with their kitsch decorations. I even have one in my office. Christmas is celebrated with such zeal and fan fare here. Who is to say these Christmas trees, the throng of street sellers, the Christmas carols blaring out on the old cassette players, and, the magnificent overcrowded Waterside is not Christmassy? 

Not to say that I don't enjoy being in a city like London or Chicago when it is Christmas and, everything is so cozy and, consumerism is at peak levels. 

My friend in Chicago, Chipo, is complaining of the bitter cold (-18) and resenting all the layers she has to put on while muttering "Bah Humbug!" under her breath. And, here I am, my face literally melting in the dry season heat of Liberia and, cursing "It's not easy oh!" over my breath. 

I love talking about the weather.

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