Friday, 6 December 2013


 Nelson Mandela was great because he devoted his life to FIGHTING apartheid. He trained to fight, he fought and went to prison. Let's not forget it and, remember to honour that, too.

He was great because he was in solidarity with his great contemporaries such as Castro and Arafat. Let's not forget him or his contemporaries, those he received support from and, who he admired. 

Coming out of prison and forgiving his tormentors, enemies and, the apartheid state is just one aspect of his struggle. 

The so-called peaceful end of apartheid came at a great cost, years of fighting and organising by the ANC, by ordinary South Africans, black and white, international boycott of South Africa and, Mandela's role. 

Nelson Mandela's legacy will live on if the more powerful and rich in South Africa start building an equal and just society selflessly. Mandela's legacy will live on if the black peoples of South Africa finally get to see some social justice in exchange for the enormous leap of faith they made after Mandela and the ANC led post-apartheid South Africa into a new future. 

Mandela's legacy will live on if world leaders would speak honestly and truthfully and, work towards real peace and justice. Mandela was great because he spoke against imperialism. 

He called Bush's advisors "dinosaurs" when they were getting ready to invade Iraq. 

Mandela first visited Israel as well as the Palestinian territories in 1999 and said: "To the many people who have questioned why I came, I say: Israel worked very closely with the apartheid regime. I say: I've made peace with many men who slaughtered our people like animals. Israel cooperated with the apartheid regime, but it did not participate in any atrocities". 

Almost all the world leaders who paid lip service last night at news of Mandela's passing away, sadly, none of them will not carry on his legacy. 

Mandela was a great man in every sense of the word. Mandela was one of the greatest Africans and, we thank Africa. 

I can only hope to have to a little bit of the courage, humility, sense of justice, and dignity that Mandela lived his life by. 

Today is the day we all lay claim to Mandela, to his struggle, his life, his legend. 

Long live freedom and justice. Long live Africa!

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