Monday, 16 December 2013

Good Monday morning!

This morning's workout was quite hectic and, energised me. We went around town, interrupted our walk by bursts of stretching exercises, and, then went back up on Benson hill. We left at 6:30 AM and, I came home just after 8:00 AM. 

I was sweaty, bothered and, extremely thirsty since the dry season sun was up and beating down on my head. 

I really enjoyed it because we took a different route. 

Traffic and people were already teeming on the streets. 

I came home, showered, woke up Kavita and, bathed and dressed her. We came to the office. I am having my first cup of tea and, will soon eat my egg sandwich that I bring to work every day. But I am already feeling drowsy and, extremely tired. It's that delicious achy feeling and, you know you're going to have a beautiful nap. 

Let's see how long I am able to function for this morning without falling asleep at my desk. 

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