Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A government official with atheistic tendencies

After meeting and dealing with countless corrupt, slimy and greedy public officials, it was so refreshing to meet a government figure who is principled, charming and has atheistic tendencies. 

The meeting started out in quite a stern and rather daunting atmosphere. I nervously presented our explanation for an invoice we presented to him regarding a faulty printer which, after replacing a very expensive part, is still acting funny. We got a lengthy lecture on customer service, how things are done elsewhere, and, what we need to make it up to him. We had a very professional discussion and, eventually came to a very reasonable agreement and, got more business. 

Inevitably, though, the conversation meandered to corruption, politics and, how Haresh and I met. Haresh made a funny joke about religion and, how he and I didn't follow one. Lo and behold, our client whips out his smart phone and, starts showing us all kinds of atheist jokes. He said, "Religion just doesn't add up." Of all the interesting encounters I have had, this was the first one that didn't involve religion and ruffled feathers.

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