Saturday, 14 November 2015

Saturday afternoon

We had a lovely Saturday afternoon after we closed up the office. 

The office girls, Rita and Musu, went up to the house to drop off Bijli, my laptop bag, and Kavita's diaper bag. Kavita and I waited for them to come back so we could go for a rickshaw ride around Mamba Point. One of Hi-Tech's mechanics passed by to sit with Kavita. 

There are a few names going around for the rickshaw: pen pen, jabba jabba, and yeke yeke.

Going down Benson Street hill was really fun. Kavita went "weeeeeee" all the way down. 

After that we hung out at Bendu's for some soft drinks. I was amused at how Bendu was trying to figure out which tribe the girls belonged to. She asked Rita what her "real" name was to which Rita replied "Rita" was her Christian name. Then, we watched her prepare sesame seeds. I asked Bendu to prepare some sweets for me because I was going to a dinner party that evening. 

Kavita and I went back up to the apartment. We took Bijli upstairs on the rooftop garden, had tea and cake and, enjoyed the new ambience. We have hung up glass bottles and plastic cups (Kavita's old formula bottles, jam jars, candle jars, yoghurt cups) and placed tea lights and plants in them. 

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