Thursday, 31 July 2014


I am glad the government is now taking serious measures to contain ebola but I wish extreme measures were taken back in May when the first case was reported in Liberia. Borders should have been closed then and, a quarantine of the community where it was first reported should have taken place. Many deaths occurred in the countryside but it was only when ebola struck Monrovia that everyone started panicking. Another fine example of how Monrovia-centric Liberia is.

Having said that, I think the government assisted by the international community (WHO, UN bodies, international medical NGOs like MSF, CDC) will help it to contain ebola.

The reported cases in Guinea are started to taper off and, the same will happen in Liberia in a few weeks' time.

Having a business back in Liberia makes this situation even more stressful. We have clients, fellow business community members and most importantly our hardworking staff that we are thinking of.

I think I'll give it another couple of weeks before I head back.

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