Wednesday, 2 July 2014

An unsolicited mother of conspiracy theories

I was back in Blue Area today at the same shop where I had my laptop repaired and data recovered. My DVD Rom was not working! Plus I had to pay my previous bill. These guys were pretty nice in not demanding their money.

The DVD Rom could not be repaired so I ended up buying an external one. I also bought a new external hard drive so I can start backing up.

I chatted about the IT business in Islamabad and got some interesting and useful information. In fact, I had a lot of questions and was keen to learn about how IT is done here. But before I knew it I got a 20-minute unsolicited conspiracy theory.

It was about the British plans to dominate and control the world and, how they set things in motion a hundred years ago. Apparently, they plan stuff in 20, 50 and 100 years in advance. The Americans, Russians, Chinese, Indians, Saudis and all the rest of us are mere pawns in their designs. I could not quite follow this mother of conspiracy theories but it was made up of many small ones too: the creation of Pakistan and how it got a raw deal, the Jews of course and how they control everything, how good things were under Musharraf, Gawadar Port and how it has been shifting control, the House of Saud and how Wahhabism was invented by the British, the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline and evil plans to never let it happen, how Afghanistan...I forget what was said about Afghanistan. Apparently, Pakistan was going to really get its act together as soon as the Taliban were going to be flushed out.

You know what is interesting about how the common person views powerful empires? That they have long term vision and planning. People really do believe that powerful countries are homogenous blobs of evil genius, scheming and greed.

Are some countries really that smart to rule over everyone else and others really that dumb at allowing that to happen.

If only power, history and geography worked that way!

This is right outside the computer shop in Blue Area this afternoon.    

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