Friday, 4 July 2014

Sights, sounds and smells of F-10 Markaz close to iftar time

Jalebi, or Jilapi, or Jilawii (and sometimes Zulbia) is a sweet popular
in countries of the Indian Subcontinent such as India, Bangladesh,
Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and in many countries in the Middle
East and North Africa, like Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Palestine,
Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria, as well as several East African
countries such as Zanzibar, Comoros and Mayotte. It is made by deep-frying
a wheat flour batter in pretzel or circular shapes, which are then soaked
in sugar syrup. They are particularly popular in the subcontinent during Ramadan
and Diwali.

I'm really going to miss the fruit and how affordable it is here.
I am able to buy about 10 KG of fruits and veg for $ 10.00.

Too bad fruits and vegetables are so expensive in Monrovia even though we live in a tropical country with lots of abundance. Fruits are literally falling off the trees. But because of bad roads and how small scale commercial farming has still not taken off, produce is very expensive in Monrovia. A lot of it is imported from outside of Africa. A lot of it comes from Guinea.

And the amazing rush for fried goodies: little samosas, big ones, jaleebis, chicken rolls...

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