Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Hot Spot


The Hot Spot is an Islamabad institution. I always loved going there for amazing desserts and for the funky, funky atmosphere. I think these guys were the first ones to celebrate Pakistani film poster art. They also have a huge collection of vintage Holly and Bollywood posters. See some photos of when I went with Ami and my favourite posters. 

 My favourite ones are:

1) Chaudhrys Angels Mr. 303

2) Give the Dangerous Bitch her Chocolate

3) Pandoo No. 1

4) Men have feelings too, but who really cares?

5) Oops Wrong Fairness Cream - Racism Sux

6) Mr. Phaddaybaaz

Ami thought we shouldn't be here since it seemed to be a teenage hangout but I could care less. After all, I am still young at heart. 

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