Sunday, 3 August 2014

Cranky Eid

At Maroof Hospital where we go for a check up since Haresh is sick with fever and flu. At first he tried to self-medicate himself but later was convinced that he needed to go see a professional doc.

Don't ask me where he got those glasses from.

I haven't been in Pakistan for Eid in many, many years. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I was here.

It is the pity that when I do happen to be here for Eid, it turns out to be so cranky and boring.

After being separated for more than five months, Haresh managed to make it to Pakistan so we could celebrate Eid and then go back to Liberia together. Needless to say I was really excited to have him here so we could enjoy some family time and Islamabad itself. Haresh landed next door in New Delhi and got a visa in a couple of days. But he missed the one weekly PIA flight to Islamabad and
had to come by road.

He arrived a few days before Eid but fell sick the second day he was here.
He self medicated himself at first but was sick and cranky. Of course, in his defense he was running a high fever and seemed to have flu-like symptoms. But since he thought he could cure himself, he was not getting better. I was also really disappointed that after all this time, Haresh was sick. We tried to take Haresh out to some places like Chaye Khana but he was never in a good mood and threw tantrums left and right.

He thought he got sick just he had crossed the border. We kept telling him he brought this infernal sickness with him. Much time and energy was spent debating this fine point. Then, we started wondering whether - God forbid - he had the deadly ebola. We started counting the days and whether it was 21 days or not. We pulled out calculators and referred to some information on the Internet. Thankfully, it seemed he did NOT have ebola.

He finally agreed to go to the hospital. We went to good old Maroof and had Haresh was checked by an amused doctor who said it was never a good idea to medicate oneself. Apparently, it was a typical Asian mentality where everyone thought they were as good as doctors.

Haresh got some medicines through IV and a separate set of medicines for a four-day course. Haresh seemed to feel better that evening.

He did not feel completely normal until much later and we ended up having a very cranky Eid, the crankiest of all. All our efforts to amuse and distract him were in vain. He did not even praise Ami's wonderful cooking. 

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I suppose I could have been more sympathetic but you know how it is with men's feelings, don't you?
So there you have it - never celebrate Eid with a sickly crank.

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