Tuesday, 26 August 2014

What kind of politics does Imran Khan represent?

While watching the interview of ladies participating in Imran Khan's Azadi March, I got the sense (and please correct me if I am wrong) that Imran Khan has more of an elitist following. One of his supporters bemoaned how Pakistani youth preferred to go abroad for higher studies and did not want to come back! Then she proceeded to show off her designer kurta which has Imran Khan's face all over it. The interviewer than talked to a young girl and, got some nonsensical 'parrotted' answers like people don't have roti to eat. 

The only positive outcome so far of Imran Khan's "container revolution" (Why every Pakistani politician needs a shipping container, BBC) is his stress on electoral corruption which the media has picked up on too. So what? George W. Bush also most likely came to power in a botched election but Gore did not set up camp in front of the White House. Is toppling Nawaz Sharif going to bring a Naya Pakistan?

Even if Nawaz Sharif resigns, what next?

My questions are:

1) What kind of politics does Imran Khan represent?
2) How will he bring about a Naya Pakistan? Does he have a road map? Who is going to benefit the most if he comes to power?
3) Does he really intend to bring about a socio-economic revolution?
4) Who are his followers?
5) Has he addressed the, to borrow a phrase I read in an article in the Guardian discussing ebola in Liberia, "crisis of citzenship"? (Ebola has caused Liberia’s cauldron of dissatisfaction to boil over, Guardian)
Has he talked about the atrocities against the Ahamdis for example? How does he intend to bring gender equality and protect women?
6) Has he ever come out to publicly condemn the murder of Ahamdis, burning of Christian houses, slaughter of Shiias, or the stoning of pregnant women in front of high courts? What kind of politics does he represent?
7) Is he going to blame America for everything if something goes wrong?
8) Does he still support negotiations with extremists like the Taliban?
9) How does he intend to heal grievances in our biggest province Balochistan?
10) What's with including tired old political characters in his party?

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