Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Arty farty vase and a cat

For all my plans and promises to myself, I've done a lot of shopping in Islamabad so far. I've bought so many many toys for Kavita and, so many things to make her a play room, most of which she doesn't use all that much. I vowed to become the kind of parent who doesn't keep buying toys for their kids which are so unnecessary and a waste of money. Not to mention, it would spoil the child.

I have splurged quite a bit on clothes. I could not resist shopping at all the new places to go shopping for funky kameezes and kurtas.

I also bought two kilms.

I went perusing at an arts exhibition with a friend (a long-lost ex-UNDP colleague and friend from when I used to work at UNDP Liberia) and, ended up buying a few things which I am actually very happy I did: a glass tea tray from Rang de Truck Art, a cushion cover from Life Fabric, some soaps from Aura, a set of post cards by Shirjeel Rabbania and a fabulous pair of silver earrings by Amna from Lahore.

But what I really want to talk about is these arty farty pieces I got from a shop in F-7/Jinnah Super Market. Apparently, they are semi antiques from Isfahan, Iran. Aren't they cool?

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