Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mausam dilkash aur sohana hai

Summer is earnestly here but today we got a welcome cool rainy day or what the Pakistani TV weather guys would describe it as, "dilkash aur sohana mausam."

 When I came to Islamabad in the beginning of March, it was wintry cold and now it is blisteringly hot

Pakistan suffers from acute electricity and gas problems. During the summer months, electricity is out for 1 hour every 2 hours and for 1 hour every 1 hour at night! So, in total we are out of power for 8 hours every 24 hours and, apparently it can get worse. Apparently it is much much worse in other parts of the country. 

I can't figure out if this is worse than LEC or not. Life gets disrupted either way. You're watching TV and, are in the middle of a great movie scene and, zip, the light goes out. You're sleeping and, the light's gone off and, you wake up hot and bothered, with mosquitos buzzing in your ears and sucking your blood. You can't make a cup of tea since the kettle will not come on. You will have to use the gas stove. Not to mention it is dark. 

We have a UPS at my parents house that keeps a few lights and fans going but it is only for the downstairs portion of the building. I am staying on the top floor where we don't have a UPS so it can get quite hot!

Milk has started to spoil already because the fridge also goes off with all the other stuff.

I bought a battery operated fan for my room from Karachi Company and, it has provided some relief. It comes on automatically when the light goes out and, goes off when the light comes back on. It even has a small remote control and a light. Nifty, eh?

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