Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What is Motherhood Part 2

  1. Giving birth and becoming a mother reminds you about the circle of life. 
  2. Giving birth and becoming a mother gives you an immense sense of power. Women literally create life in their bodies, nurture it and, then bring it into the world. Even then, I do not understand why women do not rule the world. 
  3. I felt I already had a bond with my baby while she was inside me but, after she was born, my bond wither is stronger. I can't enough of her and, kissing her little face.
  4. I love her little toes and fingers. 
  5. What brings out the tenderness, love and wonderment in us when we are around babies and children? I think it is because they are so tiny. They are also so innocent, pure and curious. They love us unconditionally. These are the most primal feelings that babies and children evoke in us.
  6. Having a child makes me want to become the best, perfect parent. I want to do everything right. I think about what I want around her. I think about what I am teaching her through my words and actions. I think about how I want to bring her up. I want her to have a magical childhood.
  7. Having a child makes me also feel very close to my baby's father. I do not give him enough time but I do feel close to him. 
  8. I feel very responsible now but also very carefree and happy that I am a mother. I love playing with Kavita, letting people take care of her, and pretty much still living my life like before Kavita arrived. There is so much more to do in a day but it has made me really put a structure to my days and, try to achieve more efficiently. 
  9. I love napping with Kavita.
  10. I think my child is the most beautiful child in the world. 
  11. I can't stop photographing everything she does.
  12. I am so glad I named my daughter after my friend, Kavita, who passed away during the last year of my undergraduate studies. Kavita is now my little Kavita, a poem. My friend and my cherished memories of her will always live on. 
  13. I am so excited that Kavita is the product of two very different people who apart from being such different personalities also are divided by religious, national prejudices. Kavita is living proof that love is all that matters.
  14. have thought a great deal about my relationship with my mother. It was good to reflect up on it and, let it inform and shape my relationship with Kavita.
  15. Amongst all the gifts and knowledge I want to bestow on Kavita, one of the most important will be freedom of thought and, absolute freedom from religious indoctrination. I am going to bring up Kavita free as a bird. 
  16. Mind you, bringing up a child without religion does not mean I will not teacher the difference between what is right and wrong. And, much more importantly, I want to teach empathy, generosity and justice to Kavita. I want her to be aware of the world around her and, how to treat her fellow human beings. 
  17. I will teach Kavita all I love about politics, history, literature, films, our beloved Africa and the subcontinent, and feminism. 
  18. As much as I love my parents and where I come from, I managed to take many leaps in terms of rebelling against our so-called norms and traditions. I have lived my own life, according to my own terms. I wish the same for Kavita. I don't want Kavita to be like me. I want her to take leaps of her own.  Life is about reaching for new horizons, learning new systems of thought and, embracing change. 
  19. I still do hope, though, Kavita will love Calvin and Hobbes, movies and books as much as I do.

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