Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sights, sounds and smells of Aabpara Market

Aabpara Market is Islamabad's oldest market. I used to come here with Ami quite a lot but I hadn't been here in at least three of my past visits so that means I probably had not been here since 2007 or so. It was nice to be back. It truly does have the typical market feel to it. 

My mother also has some nostalgic stories about it when she was newly married and used to come to this market a lot. 

Apparently, it has one of Islamabad's oldest, if not the oldest, bakery. I got a photo of it here. See below.

You know the more I go shopping and, look for stuff to give me my childhood sense of Islamabad again, I notice that some of my favourite products like Frost juice or Super Crisps are not available any more. The shops are flooded with Lays chips. So many of the juice cartons are Nestle brands. 

What's more, I've been at fruit stalls and, been told apples from New Zealand are 'dastiab.' Can you believe it?

And, you already know that apparently Prema Milk is 100% Australian cow milk!

I guess when you see Globalisation at work, you really do appreciate and understand the criticisms. Big bad companies enter a domestic market and, crowd out local products! 

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