Sunday, 3 January 2016

Sunday at Silver Beach

We spent a glorious Sunday afternoon at Silver Beach with friends. We were meeting my ex--Mercy-Corps colleague, Mathew Ndote, and his family, for lunch at Silver Beach.

I had been to Silver Beach with my UNJLC colleagues back in 2003 when I first arrived in Liberia and unbelievably had never been back. I had a vague sense of what it looked like but never been back. Driving on the RIA highway many times I did remember seeing a sign board. 

We kept driving along the highway and with all the traffic, didn't arrive until an hour later after our agreed time. You know how it is, when you're looking for a place, it feels like it is taking ever so long. When one is late, it feels like hours are passing instead of minutes.

We arrived and enjoyed a good lunch with Mathew's family. They had to leave after wards but Haresh, Kavita and I stayed on to enjoy the beautiful beach: pristine, almost deserted with the mighty waves of the Atlantic Ocean crashing on the shore.

I took many photographs of the golden shore and later used them for NATC Memes.

I also really enjoyed photographing the trees. It is not common to see pine trees on Liberia's beaches, or at least, it is the first time I noticed these trees.

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  1. le sigh. so lovely....oh liberia, what could be