Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Good evening

The Benson Street Hill, also known as Snapper Hill, the space between the Masonic Lodge and the new American Embassy, is my favourite space in Monrovia. It's a vantage point with an eagle-eye view of the city.

The latest exercise regime is for the three of us to drive up to the Hill and run up and down several times. These days, I can muster 2 long laps and 3 short ones. We also do stretches, a few jumping jacks and sit ups.

We have also started taking Bijli up to the Hill. She runs - half heartedly - with Haresh.

Kavita, of course, loves this time and, tries to keep up.

Our favourite part of the whole time is to eat oranges sitting on the side walk.

A few times, we have met little kids exercising on the hill. It's probably the most cutest thing ever, said in true American fashion, with a heavy emphasis on ever.

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