Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A beautiful arty gallery

I've been seeing a painting on my way to meetings in Congo Town out of the corner of my eye for some time now. Even from far away, it looked like an interesting piece. Since it's a big piece, one could notice the large portrait even from a moving vehicle.

On my way back from a meeting with an NGO - called Riders for Health - yesterday, I decided to stop and see if I could buy it.

I was so enraptured with this striking painting that I didn't realise the painting was displayed on the road side just outside and art gallery.

I went in to take a look and found myself surrounded by massive murals and portraits. I was really astounded to so many beautiful pieces, many of them really good.

I met the owner of the gallery and another artist. I wish I had met them at the time of the NATC Art Contest so they would be part of the contest too.

Honestly, I feel like buying 3-4 paintings but would need some good amount of cash, at least $ 200-$ 300. I think I am going to make the one I have been seeing out of the corner of my eye for sure. I will try to get it for $ 100.00 although the original quote is $ 300.00!

All in all, I felt great to see this art gallery, meet artists

This girl looks so real, as if she will step out of the painting.
Village scene with traditional women dancers
This is a really interesting scene. From a far, I thought it was actually the view of Monrovia from Bushrod Island. And maybe it is a vision of the future. It is a striking contrast  - we have a simple fishing boat in the fore ground, floating in a river reflecting the greenery above, and a modern metropolis in the back. 
The bush devil
This painting of a water fall, forest and a profile of a person in the foreground is particularly dreamy and beautiful. It kind of reminds me of  Tasadduq Sohail's paintings. 

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