Monday, 18 January 2016

Bomb bomb

Bomb Bomb is again having a sale at Expat-Hang-Out's this Saturday, all day from 10 AM to 6 PM. Come and support underprivileged women from More than Everyone Town, Holy Saviour County and buy their hand made bombs.

Bomb Bomb was started by a CIA Agent, Innocuous American Name, in the 1980s when she was spying on the new regime following the 1980 coup d'etat. She was offered cold water by an innocent and pure village woman when she got lost in the rain forest near More than Me Town, far but no so far from More than Everyone Town

She ended up spending a few days in the Town, taking a break from spying. She stumbled upon her new friend's ability to do an enormous stock pile of physical labour every day: from carrying buckets of water to chopping and carrying wood, from farming to cooking and washing, and borning a new baby every day.  She was particularly fascinated by this illiterate but bright woman's adept fingers and how they fashioned a basket from bamboo. 

Innocuous American Name decided to give up her spying career and decided to instead help her new friend and all her neighbours to set up a cooperative making hand-made bombs. 

The first bombs designed by the Bomb Bomb group really were a work of art: delicate, precise, and potent. They could be concealed in a hand bag or back pack by American Freedom Bringers. They can also be used for decorative purposes.

Innocuous American Name managed to get a small order from the American Government for use in its Freedom Conquest in the Middle East. They were so effective in bringing about democracy and the free market that there was no looking back.

Bomb Bomb bagged many, many more orders for its perfect, hand-made bombs and, other Allies and Partners soon started buying these hand-made bombs by the bold, courageous women of Liberia.

Bomb Bomb empowers rural women who make safe, artistic and precise bombs. They not only grab their future by the horns but also help to bring about democracy and liberty in the Middle East.

Buy a Bomb Bomb bomb today and, help America help Africa help the Middle East.

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