Tuesday, 16 December 2014

One love

See some pictures of the rooftop from when I was up there this morning for my work out. Ashland is definitely make each workout tougher. He had me trying to do sit ups and exhausting stretches, two sets of everything. We also did 20 rounds of jogging up there. Gulp!

You'll see pictures of the One Love chair we just bought. We spotted it walking to Mama Susu's on Saturday evening walking to our friend Nagraj's farewell party (where we sang "Kiya Hua Tera Vada" for our departing friend). It was adjacent to Stop & Shop on Randall Street. There was a number taped to the chair which we called and negotiated the price.

 Since it was getting quite dark, both Haresh and I thought it was a wooden chair. 

When the owner of the chair called back a few days later, we agreed on $ 100.00. We sent our staff Emmanuel to take it up to the rooftop. Little did we know that it was actually made of cement and 5 people were required to move it!

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