Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Good morning

Good morning from the rooftop. For the past two weeks, I've started my exercise regime again with my trainer Ashland Henchman. He is a boxer and also trains people in personal fitness. I started training with him in 2013 a few months after Kavita was born. For the first time in years (since my momentary obsession with personal fitness from our days in Dakar, Senegal when I was a teenager) I started getting up in the mornings to exercise. 

I've never been fond of getting up in the morning, much less getting up at 5:30 AM to go for a rigorous walk followed by difficult exercises. It's been a re-tuning of my body as well as my frame of mind. I've grown to really look forward to this time when I stretch my body, try to put it back in shape and enjoy some solitary moments. I don't dread getting up early and find myself with a fantastic sense of energy. 

I completely gave up exercising while I was away on my long sojourn in Pakistan. I only walked a few times in Islamabad.

Since I've started exercising with Ashland again, I realised how badly out of shape I am. My feet started to cramp up after 10 jumping jacks! I couldn't even do a sit up! I could not lie down and lift my legs up. After the first session, I felt like an exhausted sack of potatoes. 

But after two weeks, each session feels better than the last and I like pushing myself harder. So far, we've only been up on the roof but I'm working up to the walk up to the Benson Street Hill. 

The good news is that I finally do not feel any pain or discomfort in  my waist as I have since the C-section. 

I'm determined to get back into shape so I can start thinking of making a sibling for Kavita. 

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