Monday, 22 December 2014

A glorious Sunday walk

See pictures of a glorious Sunday walk which started from Randall Street. We walked along UN drive and past the UN Agency offices, my old apartment, my old UNDP office and apartment buildings where friends who used to Liberia lived. We walked past the UNHCR building where one of our current clients, JICA, is housed. We walked past the old US Embassy gate and casually strolled up to the the Masonic Temple. 

Kavita walked all this way and refused to sit in her stroller. She was delighted wither walking freedom and, I photographed her all the way.

We stopped at the Masonic Temple, one of my most favourite spots in Monrovia. We took a break and sat on the curb to drink water and munch on an apple. It was a warm sunny day. 

Kavita finally fell asleep from the bottom of the hill until all the way to Flower Restaurant on Broad Street where we had an early Sunday dinner. It was delicious.

There, we ran into a friend of ours, a Chinese partner of our Lebanese friends. They own and manage a spare parts business on UN Drive. We also met an Indian family who have a business on Bushrod Island. The gentleman seemed to remember Haresh quite well, since the 80s when Haresh first came to Liberia. But of course, Haresh couldn't place him. But then again, he even forgets people he has met a week ago.

Go figure, as the Americans would say. 

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