Monday, 20 May 2013

Evening Promenade

Since the baby arrived, Haresh and I are no longer able to enjoy our rigorous evening walks together. We have our separate exercise hours now. 

Haresh is obsessed with fulfilling his dream of making his six-pack abs. Hhas hired a personal trainer and, is mercilessly subjecting his body to all kinds of torture. He gets up at the crack of dawn 4 times a week. Sometimes he's up on our rooftop terrace and, I actually hear him screaming! When I asked why he was screaming in pain, he said, it was a manly grunt! Then, he's apparently doing 200 crunches, running up and down Benson Hill, and doing splits on the beach. And almost every day, he's got a skin rash to whiche applies some ointments which burn so every time he's in the loo he is screaming yet again. 

As for myself, I have set a goal of reducing the baby fat in a year (or two). Slow and steady wins the race. 

The same trainer accompanies me on a brisk walk up to Benson Hill. He makes me go up and down the hill several times and, then makes me do some stretches which remind me of the changes my body has gone through. I tried to tell him several times that since I had surgery (c-section), there are some stretches and jumps that I simply cannot and will not do. But he keeps telling me to do something and, I frustratingly snap at him: "I had surgery!" 

I do boss him around a lot: 

"Don't even think about telling me to do crunches." 
"Jogging? I hate jogging. Brisk walking can do the same job."
"No, I don't want to go up the hill. Let's do some stretches." 
"I'm tired of these 'physicals.' Let's just walk today."

With the way my body still feels sore, I have set myself the simple target of just doing a walk and some stretches three times a week. If I can do, I'll feel good since I'll be getting some exercise and fresh air. Once, I feel up to it, I'll start to push myself harder. 

I usually go for my evening walk from the office and, one of our staff members kindly minds the baby.  

I love my evening walks around Mamba Point. It is easily my favourite bit of Monrovia. Here are some photos:

New building coming up

Another almost-completed construction

Ashland (his first name is Henchman) is a very sweet, quiet guy and, it's a great motivation to have a trainer pushing you to try to do more or, to even get out and go for an evening promenade. 


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  2. luv your blog, please post more pictures of some new development taking place around Monrovia (new building, street, etc) Thanks and god bless you and your family :)