Thursday, 30 May 2013

Early Morning Exercise

I decided to try the morning exercise instead of evening sessions and, I must say I am happier for it. I would always find an excuse to cancel the evening session or would be too tired. Now, there is no excuse to avoid it.

It is a great way to start the day, to feel pumped, and while on the way back to the house, watch the city wake up. I can see the women set up their fruit and vegetables. I see the sellers of various items arrange their baskets so they can start walking around. I see the steps of the mosque being cleaned. I even see the beggars getting ready for the day! 

I loved being part of the early morning group on Benson Hill, working out. I've overheard three men bemoaning their women while they were doing push ups. I've excitedly watch youngsters training part of a group. I also admired an old man walking much faster then me and, doing three rounds up and down the hill for my one measly one! 

You get an earlier start to the day and, can try to accomplish so much more. 

But, how is my body reacting to it? I actually feel like vomitting. After a lifetime of being a night owl, forcing my body to wake up at the unholy time of 6 AM is torture. A touch-your toes- stretch makes me dizzy. The second round up and down the hill literally made me want to throw up. 

I am quite sore, too, since I am letting the trainer actually make me do a proper work out now.   Every time, we are pushing the limits and, my body is quite sore. But it is a delicious sore, if you know what I mean. 

The first time, I was quite beat and decided to nap right there in the office with Kavita on my lap. Unfortunately, Haresh took my picture and posted it on Facebook. And what an unflattering, picture, too:

I painstakingly make sure, my pictures online show my best angles but this one shows all of my 5 chins!

Today I was so tired after my morning exercise that I went home at 4 PM instead of the usual late evening exits from the office. 

After making fun of Haresh for getting up so early to work out and, then nodding off at 8 PM in the evenings...After making fun of morning people in general for being so freaking cheerful and energetic, I find myself feeling so good and proud for waking up early and gone for the subha ki seher which which my father was always going on and on about.

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