Monday, 24 August 2015

Good times in the kitchen

These are some new and old things I have tried in the kitchen recently. 

A cake for Mama Susu's birthday

Even though I made some very tasty chocolate cakes recently, I decided to go for a new recipe on the day I wanted to take a cake for Mama Susu's birthday celebration at her restaurant. I invited lots of our friends to join us and bringing her lots of business. 

I tried a mango and coconut recipe Coconut & mango sponge. It turned out OK but was lackluster and kind of soggy. I thought it would be amazing because coconut and mango are so sweet here. I guess I need to give it another try because the photos look great. 

A fish curry

So, we decided to try a fish curry and went for this recipe: Creamy fish curry. We bought the only fish we could find late at night on Benson Street: 3 little pipe fish. And, haresh gutted a fish for the first time using a Youtube video. It wasn't bad but we need to try it a couple more times. 

Tandoori style chicken

The fish curry we tried above required a curry paste. Since I had some left over, I rubbed it on some chicken and baked it in the oven with onions, potatoes and garlic. It turned out beautifully. 

Chocolate and peanut sensation: Peanut butter & chocolate cake

On a Sunday I had lots of time to myself to try a little bit of a complicated cake to take to a dinner party that evening. All the bits turned out beautifully but I think the cake was too heavy. But it looked great!

Aloo sabzi

I made some aloo sabzi and keema on a Sunday. 

Peanut butter cupcakes

I found this recipe in the Joy of Cooking and really enjoyed making the cupcakes. They are so delightful. And, I must say I'm getting addicted to batter. In general. I love batter. 

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