Saturday, 8 August 2015

Evening walk

Kavita and I went on an evening walk by ourselves. Usually Haresh is with us but on this evening, he was not really in the mood. 

So, off went Kavita and I. I took some photographs of my usual route. 

This new apartment building is 'Phoenix Residence." Fancy! 
I noticed these new red and white tiles on
an outside wall, near t
he old US Embassy
This is a typical advert you'll see in Monrovia
Rubble filling a pothole in the road
This is the rusty gate to what was apparently a European embassy
(I can't remember w
hich country, I'll have to ask next time)

One of my favourite spots of Monrovia
A new bar on New Port Street which actually looks quite inviting,
 bad, I don't feel like going to bars any more. 
A typical, typical painting on a local restaurant or shop
This is just outside a big shop on the corner of
Benson Street and New Port Street. 
What a nice sign!

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