Thursday, 13 August 2015


It's my birthday today and, it's been a great day so far. 

I woke up to a beautiful photograph with my best friend had posted on my Facebook page of her and I back in 2006, standing beside a piercing blue lake. I am wearing a bright red Bareeza ka jora and, I thought I looked ravishing. I did not even have eyes for my best friend and, kept staring at myself and glowed about how beautiful I appeared in this picture. 

It brought wonderful memories of my visit to see her at her family house in Quetta. 

My best friend had also sent me video she and her almost-two-year-old made. 

It put me in a great mood, so much so that I donned a laal jora and posed for some photographs at the office and then when I got together with friends for coffee and cake at Kaldis. 

What do we celebrate on our birthdays? Becoming older and wiser? That we are mortal and have a limited amount of time on earth? 

I suppose we are really marking our limited time on earth and celebrating ourselves. 

With children, it's a simple celebration of the years they are adding and, how bigger they are. We celebrate all they are learning. This sense of joy is simple and I guess it is this sense of pure joy that we should continue to look for even as we celebrate our birthdays as adults. 

But anyway, see these funky coasters I got as a present! 

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