Saturday, 27 June 2015

Celebrating gay marriage: my favourite online comments

Favourite online comments:
1. You know its going to be an AMAZING day when they only pissed off people in America are Racists, Bigots and Partisans. Party on Wayne! … 
2. Note to county clerks: Unless you work in a church, "your" beliefs are irrelevant while you're working. You job is to issue "paper", a marriage license. Issuing a marriage license is "NOT" marrying the couple, it's handing a certified document to them. That's it. Handing a piece of paper to a gay couple has "NOTHING" to do with "YOUR" do your job, or find work elsewhere. How bout move to Iran or go fight for ISIL if you wish to impose "YOUR" beliefs on to others....they share your so-called values.
3. Are you kidding? There are Americans who are still pissed over the legalization of interracial STRAIGHT marriages!
We mustn't kid ourselves -- some people live to hate.
4. Butthurt Republicans and fake Christians who hysterically promised to leave the U.S. if gay marriage were legalized, kindly make good on your threats, please.
5. For some reason, I don't think that 6/26 will catch on as a date of national tragedy like 9/11. How many citizens were killed today then?
6. Poor Huckleberry - sux to be you, dude.
7. May we please get a list of the 10,000 pastors, Glenn Beck claims promised to die opposing 'marriage equality'? They may need some help keeping their promise in the eyes of God. Rest In Peace.
8. The nice thing is that now "gay marriage" = marriage. WE don't need to say that anymore!!!
9. The idiot AG in Texas has issued a "directive" to county officials to "delay" issuing marriage licenses to same sex persons until he has the opportunity to "interpret" the SCOTUS ruling this morning...he has not one leg to stand on. Nor does he have one brain to think with...but that's another issue…
10. As conservative heads explode across the nation...

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