Friday, 12 June 2015

Blue Ridge Parkway

Driving along the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway, we stopped at one of the scenic points and, snapped some photos. A group of bikers, all with greying hairs or nearly in their 70s, were also nearby. They offered to take our photo. Haresh asked if he could pose on their Harley Davidson and, they agreed. Haresh mounted the shiny contraption, put on the helmet, and posed with me and the whole gang around him, too. As I saw him climbing the beautiful Harley Davidson, I commented "You look really silly."

Immediately the fellow bikers shot wounded looks and reacted "but if he looks silly, we also look silly." "Of course he does not look silly, " they declared.

After this Haresh and the 70-year-old biker chatted about women as all men like to, as if they are discussing a deep intellectual issue. The biker directly asked him, "Does she look after you?" And, Haresh starts confiding in him and tells him yes and no.

The biker, encouraged, further trades his deepest secrets and, admits he has a much younger girlfriend. His ex-wife just could not keep up with his desire to be young and free.

As Haresh and the 70-year old biker talked, I grappled with all the cliches that this conversation was launching in my head, like the thousand ships Helen of Troy's face launched.

After all said and done, photo is not in the camera. It did not take.

The next stop we made was to buy some mountain honey and jams from a lady selling them from her truck. We brought honey with the honeycomb in the jar and a frog jam.

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