Friday, 15 May 2015

Pieces of Light

Coming home from Mercy Corps and passing by the Executive Mansions is one of my favourite times of the day.

One is lucky enough to experience a glorious sunset almost every day in Liberia during the hot summer months, otherwise known as the dry season.

Making my way home from Congo Town, almost every day I pity the miserable folks who are stuck in the great migration out of town, trying to get home to a warm meal, hot shower, cuddling their toddlers,  catching some DSTV, and settling down to evening domestic routines.

As you pass by the Executive Mansion, past the Temple of Justice, and the beautiful majestic tree on your left and start to slope downwards, you can faintly see the sea and the city line. The shimmery, golden sunlight seems to tinge everything with a warm glow, cast it into beauty and light. 

Why are sunsets so golden and beautiful? They are like ripe fruit, like a content cup of tea. 

Look for that bend next time you pass the Executive Mansion. 

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