Saturday, 30 May 2015

Cuba Taken Off Terrorism List

One becomes so used to headlines, the manner in which they are delivered, their content and, their manufacture of public opinion as per the ideology of the ruling class and powers that be. 
While cooking in the kitchen last night, I heard one of the main headlines blaring from the TV in the living room: "Cuba Taken Off Terrorism List." At first I laughed sarcastically and then got quite angry. I came to the living room to yell at the TV. 
But who has taken off Cuba off this list of states who sponsor terrorism? Who controls this list? What is the point of this list? 
But of course, it is the US which makes these lists and, of course, mainstream Western media reports this. 
I condemn this headline for its misleading propaganda. 
United States of America, put yourself first on this list of state sponsored terrorism and then, do something to take yourself off it.

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