Sunday, 31 May 2015

Fifty Shades of Light

It seems most of our existence is consumed by anxiety over light and water. "LEC on hai?" "Pani hai?"
"LEC on hai?" "Pani hai?" 
Last weekend, our back up battery bank and then generator gave up. We decided to treat purselves to a weekend at the Kendeja. We had a ball. 
The following Monday, Haresh fixed us up with a brand new 7.5 KVA generator. A team of techniciand and helpers spent the better part of an afternoon installing it. And, it works great and we can turn on many more appliances when the LEC is out. 
Tonight, Haresh and I decided to stay in after a long evening walk. We had home cooked food and were just about to watch the rest of Fifty Shades of Grey from the night before when the wires in the kitchen started sparking. It turns out the cable leading to the generator was burning. Haresh disconnected the generator. 
Haresh managed to get our electrician (the one who installed our battery bank and has done some contracts for us on site) on the phone. Miracle! He picked up Prince from 12th, Street Sinkor and also managed to buy some new cable at 10 pm. Kavita and I were at home, in candle light, fanning ourselves with newspapers. 
Haresh and Prince started the work. I resigned to waiting for a couple of hours, if at all. Haresh had to go into the yard to the generator room while Prince dropped the new cable from the kitchen window. They worked together for about 20 minutes. Lo and behold, the generator was reconnected and light was back on. 
Prince truly is a Prince. Haresh dropped Prince back and as soon as he entered the apartment, the LEC came back on. Albeit, it was erratic and did not stabilise until 2 am. 
What an evening.

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