Monday, 6 January 2014

Kavita's first birthday party

My daughter is now 1 year old. Kavita, a 13-year old dream come true, named after my late childhood friend, is of me and from me. She was part of me for nine months. My body created and nurtured her until she was ready to be born from me. My daughter conceived in Africa by desi parents and born in America, you are my first born, my child. 

I love your little toes and your eyelashes. I love your little tummy and I love your little fingers. I love how you smile as soon as you wake up. I love when you want me to pick you up in my arms. I love it when your little face scrunches up into a crying face. I love how you love to play and explore. I love how you are now learning to be naughty and, run away after you mess up my bookshelves. I love how you bring so much fun to our daily, mundane office lives. I love how you don't want to play with your own toys but want to bang on everyone's computer instead. I love how curious you are and, how everything fascinates you. I love scooping you up in my arms and, kissing your little toes. I love how cute you are and, think you are the cutest one in the world. 

I can't wait to share my hobbies like movies and reading with you. 

I love knowing that you were inside me and, I gave birth to you. 

I am also amused at seeing my pictures and, realising I look so much like my mother now. And, I want to celebrate the fact that one's body does change after pregnancy and giving birth. Sure, many women spring back into their former slim and fit bodies. But for some, they change and, become more womanly or just plain bigger. And, they start looking like their mothers. I appreciate those ladies who work so hard to shed the baby fat and, looking like they never got pregnant nor gave birth. Good luck to them and, their efforts to look like teenagers all over again. I am not saying one should let oneself go. I'm saying I just want to take a moment to celebrate the moment of me looking like a mother and, as much as I try to stay fit and healthy, I will look like this. Life is about change and, enjoying every new phase of life.

I love knowing that you were really born out of love and, how two utterly different people randomly came together and, did all we could to safely bring you into this world. 

My dearest Kavita, you are who are born out of such specific circumstances, you are in another way, a love child who renders borders, religions, passports, and social boxes completely irrelevant. 

Happy first birthday, Kavita, and, I look forward to another year full of laughter, learning, growing and, love. 

The goodie bags. Everyone got a really cute toy car, a picture, a couple of lollipops and baby-sized pringles. 

We got the birthday pineapple cake from Pandora's Basket. It was a bit dry but I'm sure I was assured that they do know how to make good cakes. I was so sick of Donna Maria's cakes and, the Royal Hotel's cakes were overpriced so I decided to try something new. Maybe I need to learn how to make a cake by myself. And, question, will I have to succumb in the future to getting those ridiculous, over the top 3-D cakes in the shape of the latest crazy? 
And, here is Kavita eating someone's shoe.

Jonathan, our chief techie's kid, also named Jonathan, fell asleep for this photo. 

Kavita showing Grandma Becky how to use a mobile phone.

The three wise ladies having a coffee after the hectic festivities of organising a birthday party.
We celebrated Kavita's first birthday party at Mama Susu's on Sunday, 5 January 2014. We got the place decorated by Elite Rentals, the same folks who did the decorations for our Office Warming back in 2012. It was a bit of a drama though because the lady didn't arrive until 30 minutes before the party and, the decorations were a bit lame. But Kavita had a great time playing with the 10 helium balloons as did all the other children.
We brought all the balloons home and filled the baby room with them.

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