Sunday, 19 January 2014

A glorious lazy Sunday on the rooftop

I spent all of yesterday cleaning the rooftop. Correction, I bossed lots of people around who cleaned up the rooftop. 

For some strange reason, my trusty and very sweet gardener, Ben, has been missing in action and, I never got a chance to go to his nursery in Sinkor to see what's up with him. Meanwhile, I asked my housekeeper, Christiana, to find a gardener for me. She lives on Old Road and, said there was a place to buy dirt and, she would look for a gardener. Christiana was as usual quite efficient: found the gardener, bought the dirt and, was ready to help me do some work upstairs. 

The gardener from Old Road helped Christiana to mix our home-made compost with the dirt to feed the plants. I was so happy to finally use my compost! Months of saving vegetable and fruit peels, used tea bags and egg shells finally paid off and, my plants got to enjoy some fertiliser. The gardener also trimmed and cleaned up all my plants, did some re-potting and also planted some new stuff in all the tin cans I have been also saving. 

My other staff Emmanuel and Samuel cleaned up the rest of the rooftop. There was some junk lying around which we had thrown out. Glass and plastic bottles and other re-cyclable items which I have been putting away were sent to the Recycling Center in Sinkor. I really need to visit that place to see for myself how they run that shop. 

I was quite pleased with myself and, today we lazed around on the rooftop. See some pictures! 

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