Saturday, 18 August 2012

My latest art acquisition: sea horse sculpture

Today, I met Manfred Zbrzezny, an "artistic blacksmith," from Germany who has been living and working in Liberia since 2004. Manfred offers his services as a black smith, welder and also has a "arms into art" project. 

Manfred was over at our office today to show us his "arms into art" collection. There were bottle openers, book ends, and candle holders. All of these were fashioned out of guns like AK 47's. 

I loved all the art but ended up buying a sea horse sculpture. Here's a picture:

I also visited the Fyrkuna website. Fyrkuna is apparently a Norse word that relates to the art of forging metals. The website is worth visiting. 

While Manfred was here, Haresh and I talked to him about Kitengela in Nairobi and showed him pictures of that eccentric artist's studio. He was quite inspired and said he's also looking to make his base out of Monrovia more attractive for visitors. 

Liberia needs more artists, foreign or local, to bring a bit of soul to this place. 

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